CoolTech Club with Oleg Zabluda : Security and Cryptography. Relationship between the two (Part I)


November 12, 2003


  • Symmetric key cryptography.
  • Ideal stream cipher. One time Pad. Traffic analysis. Multiple-key cryptography. Key splitting. Cascading ciphers.
  • Ideal hash functions. Cryptographically secure hash functions. Birthday attack. Meet-in-the-middle attack. CRC32, MD5, SHA. Make cosmetic changes to the document you sign. Length-extension attack. H(X,m). Partial message collision attack H(m,X). Fix the hash function. H(H(m),m)), H(H(m)).
  • Ideal block cipher.
  • Real block ciphers. Types of attack: ciphertext-only, chosen plaintext, chosen ciphertext, iterative chosen plaintext/ciphertext. Side-channel/out-of-band attacks (timing, power, RF, optical, malfunction). DES, 3DES, IDEA, AES. Whatever happenned to double-DES? Block cipher modes (ECB, CBC).


 Oleg Zabluda

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