TEC Club: Israel's Startups pitching event (April 29,2021)

Please join us April 29 2021 for a pitching event for 5 Israeli/USA startups (Enterprise, SaaS)

Presenting Companies:

  • eLoomina (https://www.eloomina.com/): Reduce internal fraud and employee misbehavior in enterprises powered by AI & behavioral algorithms. The cost of internal fraud is approx. 5% of corporations' annual revenue. In 85% of the cases there had been unnoticed behavioral red flags during the time of the fraud. At eLoomina, we have developed sophisticated behavioral analysis algorithms and AI technologies to discover these behavioral signs and trends. We look at internal company data and map it to our indicators. Using eLoomina corporates can save money, protect their reputation and maintain regulation and compliance. CEO: Noga Perry

  • Plantt (https://www.plantt.io/): A relationship intelligence platform built to help Customer Success teams focus on the right customers at the right time. Plantt analyzes communicational and usage data to help business professionals prioritize their efforts and identify customers who require attention. Already approved by Customer Success leaders from Notion, AppsFlyer, and Papaya Global. CEO: Dan Leshem

  • Envario (https://envar.io/): Envario provides a No-Code Platform allowing every technological person to easily create virtual environments for product POC, demos, and sandboxed evaluation. We maximize the automations required for a truly work-ready and codeless solution. CEO: Tomer Sade

  • Simpoco (https://www.simpoco.io/): Simpoco is a SaaS platform to easily manage customer engagement processes and dataflow for B2C enterprises. Simpoco uses AI, NLP, and emotion detection mechanisms to classify and enrich data from multiple data sources like social media channels, CRMs, and emails to turn multiple customer communication feeds into easy-to-use collaborative dashboards. By focusing on where customers interact today we enable enterprises to increase brand protection, lower response time and automate customer engagement processes. CEO: Shaked Izrael

  • Consolto (https://www.consolto.com/): Building the world's first video-conference-focused relations management system for SMBs. We help SMBs build personal relationships with their clients by turning every website into a fully featured virtual office. Centered around video-conferencing, we combine scheduling, persistent messaging, invoicing and analytics all wrapped up nicely in one package. CEO: Ilan Harel

Investor Registration: https://forms.gle/uXpegr7Nvbebfse48


TEC Club: Israel's Startups pitching event (March 10,2021)

Please join us March 10,2021 for a pitching event for 6 Israeli startups.

Participating startups:

  • realizeMD - Unlock Medical Aesthetics 3.0 with Visual Data-driven results
  • Feel Right combines the power of applied psychology with biometric data to generate personalized training plans for individuals
  • Getruck - SaaS orchestration' platform for optimization of heavy load transportation by contacting shippers and carriers. 
  • PDQ - solves logistics for SMBs by seamlessly connecting any ecommerce platform with any shipping method.
  • Odeeo - enables brands to connect with the world's 2.6B gamers through a unique top-of-mind audio messaging solution.
  • Edge - a data-driven company that revolutionizes competitive gaming with the most powerful performance improvement platform made for 1B gamers.


Participaing Investors:

  • Eugene Malodrodsky, One Way Ventures
  • Denis Efremov, Fort Ross Ventures
  • Umesh Padval, Thomvest 
  • Elisabeth Fullerton, Fullerton Venture Partners 
  • Pramod Gosavi, 11.2 Capital 
  • Linda Johannesen, Angel Investor 
  • Shuo Chen, IOVC 
  • Christina Ku, NTT Docomo Ventures 
  • Jim Kolchin, Angel Investor 
  • Daisuke Mitani, KDDI Open Innovation Fund 
  • Uri Adoni, Sanara 
  • Sagi Paz, Xilinx Ventures 
  • Vadim Asadov, Angel investor 
  • Reut Zeiri, lool ventures 
  • Alexander Soroka, Network.VC 
  • Leonard Grayver, Pulsar Ventures 
  • Max Shapiro, Keiretsu Forum 
  • Vitaliy Gnatenko, Startup Network / Network.VC 
  • Bryan Chang, Collaborative Fund 
  • Jay Boddu, Angel Investor



How Uber's competitor was built in the coldest city in the world

inDriver is an operationally profitable ride-hailing company with 46 million users in more than 300 cities in 31 countries. The company is quickly growing with 20-25 launches of new cities a month and with 260% YoY annual growth of revenue. inDriver operates perfectly in metropolises and in small town without maps and cashless payments. 


Ben-Gurion Events in Silicon Valley

TEC Club is proud to support Ben-Gurion University events in the Silicon Valley:

Two events on Sunday, February 9,2020

Join us for:

  • a symposium with three top robotics and AI researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Sunday, February 9, 2020 at Google Cloud in Sunnyvale, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. For more information, click here.
  • a BGU alumni networking reception at Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos at 6:00 p.m. 


Register with TEC Club Discount : http://www.aabgu.org/tec



TEC Club Pitch: Meet Israel's Women Entrepreneurs (October 18, 2017, Palo Alto)


TEC Club and SVOD are inviting you to join pitch presentations by a visiting group of Israel's Women Entrepreneurs!

Join us October 18, 2017 ,in Palo Alto

Eventbrite - TEC Club Pitch: Meet Israel's Women Entrepreneurs

Confirmed Investors:

  • Steve Goldberg, Venrock
  • Serge Plotkin, Opus Capital
  • Viktor Orlovski, FortRoss
  • Umesh Padval, Thomvest Ventures
  • Igor Taber, Intel Capital
  • Vitaly Golomb. HP Tech Ventures
  • Lu Zhang, NewGen Capital
  • Homan Yuen, NewGen Capital
  • Fang Li, Tyche Partners
  • Jean Xin, Data Collective
  • Nancy Hayes, Golden Seeds
  • Phil Boyer, Crosslink Capital
  • Patrick Suel, Panasonic Ventures
  • More ToBe announced soon

Presenting Entrepreneurs:


TEC Club welcomes Israel's 8200 accelerator

On November 1, 2016, join TEC Club pitch presentations by alumni of Israel's famous 8200 EISP accelerator.

Eventbrite - TEC Club Pitch: Meet startups from Israel's 8200 accelerator

Confirmed investors


Participating founders (8200 EISP Alumni):

Presenting companies:

MyQuest is a platform that allows world-class experts and brands to build special interactive programs that help people achieve their personal goals.Edan Kertis - CEO & Co Founer, MyQuest: www.myquest.co

LawGeex, the award-winning contract review platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way for businesses to automatically review and approve contracts. Using the legal team’s own legal checklist together with custom workflows, LawGeex reduces legal bottlenecks, ensures legal compliance, and increases overall operational efficiency across the business.Noory Bechor - CEO & Co Founer, LawGeex: www.lawgeex.com

Navin patented technology breakthrough, enables fast upscale, to become the world's #1 community based pedestrian guidance and navigation app. Shai Ronen - CEO & Co Founder, Navin: www.gonavin.com

Tangiblee is an end-to-end solution for online retailers that reveals product sizing and adds visual context to products.Eliad Inbar – CEO & Co Founder, Tangiblee www.Tangiblee.com

Udobu: Predict and influence fan behavior for live events, enabling sports clubs, media outlets and brands to figure out how attractive each game is, to better target and monetize it, by accurately predicting the behavior of their fans, and proactively engaging with them to reach a desired result.>Gaby Kaminsky – CEO & Co Founder, Udobu: www.udobu.com

RegulusX is developing a full stack security solution for drones that is both easy to use and install, providing an industry standard level of security against hackers targeting any of the drone’s systems, including its communication channels, GPS and navigation systems and on-board computers.Yonatan Zur - CEO & Co Founder, RegulusX: www.RegulusX.com



XDSD : Meetings-Free Software Development Methodology

WHEN: Thursday, February 11, 2016 
WHERE: Palo Alto, CA 94304
TIME: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Registration: tec-20160211.eventbrite.com

Please join us for exciting talk by Yegor Bugayenko on his new XDSD methodology of  running distributed software development team without meetings, Skype, chats and similar communication channels.

Abstract: We're the first and the only team on the market that is creating software products in remotely distributed teams of freelancers, without using any meetings, chats, phone calls or emails. Our unique lightweight process called XDSD allows us to manage programming activities in micro-tasks of 30 minutes size. This is the next generation of Agile. We're taking programming to the next level, where there are no overtime, frustration, missed deadlines, broken builds, low quality or unhealthy competition between engineers. There will be a number of practical examples to demonstrate XDSD in action.


#SVOD16 is Coming Soon...

Register here: http://svod2016.eventbrite.com/

Are there conferences in the Silicon Valley where entrepreneur-to-investor ratio is 2-to-1, where you can freely access some of the top angels and venture capitalists without formal introductions, where famous speakers do not use VIP rooms to enter the stage?

SVOD - Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference is the place where founders and successful CEOs, investors and industry legends, who are shaping our lives today and influencing our future, come to network and share their experiences. http://svod.org/

– If you are a young entrepreneur thinking outside of the box, become one of the 30 pre-selected startups to pitch on stage to premier angels and VCs.

– If you are looking for opportunities, join SVOD to meet an eclectic mix of 1,000+ most creative, forward-thinking, and insightful people in the entrepreneurial and investment community from around the world.

– Get latest industry insights through attending the fireside chats and keynotes about technology innovation with the gurus of technology, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

– Experience unique networking opportunities that are not available at most other conferences.


TEC Pitch - Israel's 8200 EISP Accelerator

Join TEC Club pitch presentations by alumni of Israel's famous 8200 EISP accelerator .

Participating founders (8200 EISP Alumni):

Confirmed investors:

  • Sanjit Dang, Intel Capital
  • Mohammad Islam, DFJ
  • Oded Hermoni, Rhodium
  • Jay Boddu, Juniper Networks
  • Mark Sue, RBC Capital Markets
  • William Kim, Varsity Ventures
  • Zhao Tiemin, IPV Capital
  • Shruti Gandhi, Array Ventures
  • Vivek Ladsariya, Fenox Venture Capital
  • Monali G Jain, Angel Investor,Keiretsu Forum
  • Mary Jo Potter, Healthcare Angels
  • Ephraim Lindenbaum, Advance Ventures
  • Tirto Adji, Palapa Ventures
  • Sergey Patsko, PV Fund I
  • Assim Gupta, Angel Investor,Keiretsu Forum
  • Vito Bialla, Angel Investor
  • Max Shapiro, Angel Investor,Keiretsu Forum

WHEN: Monday, October 12, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM PDT
Registration: https://tec-20151012.eventbrite.com 



FireChat: from Hong Kong protests to connecting the next 5 billion

Dear friends,

Join us for TEC Club/AmBAR meeting with Stanislav Shalunov, CTO & CoFounder of Open Garden - company that stands behind famous FireChat, shortlisted for Cruncie Award 2015

FireChat is a mobile app that connects devices off-the-grid directly to one another, without need for any infrastructure. FireChat got its fame from its use by protestors in Hong Kong who feared that the government might shut off the Internet.

Stanislav Shalunov, the co-founder and CTO, will describe this new mobile networking approach through peer-to-peer. We will also delve briefly into the laws of information theory that make FireChat’s technology inevitable, because the mobile Internet as we know it is near its end.

WHEN: Thursday, January 22d
WHERE: WilmerHale, 950 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304
TIME: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Eventbrite - FireChat: from Hong Kong protests to connecting the next 5 billion


Stanislav Shalunov is a co-founder and CTO of Open Garden, the creator of FireChat. FireChat lets Android and iOS users chat live off the grid, connecting their devices directly to one another and automatically building a network. Before Open Garden, Stas created LEDBAT, a protocol used by BitTorrent, Apple, and others to move 15-20% of total Internet traffic


What They Say About Us

"The wonderful thing about entrepreneurs is that their passion for starting new companies transcends languages and geographic boundaries."

Ron Conway, Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds, early stage investor in Google and PayPal

"Networking is very important for start-ups. The challenge for them is often not money: it is mentoring and finding people who can give good advice from experience."

Esther Dyson, Founder, EDventure Holdings

"This conference is clearly a labor of love for a group of dedicated professionals who care deeply about the Eastern European entrepreneurs. From the value-packed educational panels, to the star-studded key note speakers' line up, to an amazing quantity of venture capitalists – this is a not to be missed event for any high tech entrepreneur,"

Richard Guha, President of the Marketing Executives Network and Managing Partner at MaxBrandEquity

"As Stanford MBA students, we were exposed to a lot of VC firms both from the Valley and abroad. It is at Stanford that we met Anna Dvornikova, an absolutely amazing business leader and (by our big luck) our friend, who was the center of the Russian Silicon Valley professional community, and was doing a huge work to connect Russia and the Valley. Anna helped us a lot with kick-starting Wikimart, put us to our first-ever conference, introduced us to most of Russian VCs. And all that happened in a very short time span! It was the beginning of a six-month journey that despite the particularly tough times resulted in an extraordinarily group of investors backing our start-up."

Maxim Faldin and Kamil Kurmakayev,
co-CEOs, Wikimart