Vivek Wadhwa at Stanford: Future of Startups around the World

Fireside Chat with famous Vivek Wadhwa at Stanford:

Entrepreneurship, Leadership and the Future of Startups around the World

TEC (The Entrepreneurs’ Club) together with the Stanford GSB Europe Club is proud to announce a fireside chat with famous visionary and entrepreneurial guru, Vivek Wadhwa. Vivek is a senior research associate at Harvard Law School, advisor to several start-up companies, a columnist for, a contributor to TechCrunch, and writes for international publications. Vivek has been busy jetting around the world giving advice and inspiration to entrepreneurs and governments especially those in India, Russia, Chile, Japan, Brazil and the US.

This event is organized in cooperation with SiliconFrench, JHTC, GABA , BayBrazil and IEFF .

Mark your calendars and make your plans to come and meet our distinguished speaker on:

Date:Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Location: Bishop Auditorium, Graduate School of Business, 518 Memorial Way, Stanford University

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The discussion will cover such topics as:

  • Can and should other countries recreate Silicon Valley?
  • Is the brain drain really happening? And what are the consequences for the US?
  • How can Silicon Valley leaders meet the challenges facing them?
  • What’s the future, global significance of Silicon Valley?
  • StartupVisa - new US legislation. Will it work ?

Speakers’ Bios:

 Vivek Wadhwa ( is a senior research associate at Harvard Law School, an executive in residence/adjunct professor at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, and a visiting scholar at the School of Information at University of California at Berkeley.

He is also an advisor to several start-up companies, a columnist for, a contributor to TechCrunch, and writes for several international publications. Since joining Duke University in August 2005, he has researched globalization, its impact on the engineering profession and the sources of the U.S. competitive advantage.

In 2010/2011, Vivek has been busy jetting around the world giving advice and inspiration to entrepreneurs especially those in India, Chile, Brazil and the US.

He has been asked to speak in front of the Russian President and legislature, is one of the original proponents of the strategy of Startup Chile and met with global experts on innovation in Okinawa, Japan.

Vivek gave two talks at the Emerging India Summit , had discussions with Salman Rushdie and spoke at Columbia, Emory, and MIT.

Vivek is foused on Immigration laws blocking economic potential for the US and has been talking about the brain drain in the US and its consequences challenging the role of Silicon Valley.

Mr. Wadhwa holds an MBA from New York University and a B.A. in Computing Studies from the Canberra University in Australia. He is founding president of the Carolinas chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TIE), a non-profit global network intended to foster entrepreneurship. He has been featured in thousands of articles in worldwide publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, U.S. News and World Report and Science Magazine. He has also made many appearances on U.S. and international TV stations including CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC and the BBC.


Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., the founder and principal of Blendstrup & Associates, specializes in individualized, intercultural business communication training, accent reduction and presentation skill services. She works with international as well as US executives to assist them in improving their written and oral communications skills, as well as preparing them how to write and give effective presentations.

Angelika also works with young, international start up entrepreneurs and helps them adjust their pitches to a US model.

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Angelika has lived in Brazil, France, Germany and traveled in many Spanish-speaking countries; her clients come from Europe, Asia, Latin American, as well as the Middle East. In addition to English, Angelika speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Angelika holds a Ph.D. in Bilingual, Bicultural Education from Stanford University, a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Educational Psychology from the University of Tübingen, Germany. She’s the author of They Made It! - featuring interviews with major foreign-born leaders of Silicon Valley, and co-author of Communicating the American Way.

What They Say About Us

"The wonderful thing about entrepreneurs is that their passion for starting new companies transcends languages and geographic boundaries."

Ron Conway, Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds, early stage investor in Google and PayPal

"Networking is very important for start-ups. The challenge for them is often not money: it is mentoring and finding people who can give good advice from experience."

Esther Dyson, Founder, EDventure Holdings

"This conference is clearly a labor of love for a group of dedicated professionals who care deeply about the Eastern European entrepreneurs. From the value-packed educational panels, to the star-studded key note speakers' line up, to an amazing quantity of venture capitalists – this is a not to be missed event for any high tech entrepreneur,"

Richard Guha, President of the Marketing Executives Network and Managing Partner at MaxBrandEquity

"As Stanford MBA students, we were exposed to a lot of VC firms both from the Valley and abroad. It is at Stanford that we met Anna Dvornikova, an absolutely amazing business leader and (by our big luck) our friend, who was the center of the Russian Silicon Valley professional community, and was doing a huge work to connect Russia and the Valley. Anna helped us a lot with kick-starting Wikimart, put us to our first-ever conference, introduced us to most of Russian VCs. And all that happened in a very short time span! It was the beginning of a six-month journey that despite the particularly tough times resulted in an extraordinarily group of investors backing our start-up."

Maxim Faldin and Kamil Kurmakayev,
co-CEOs, Wikimart