Tim Draper's Dad Wrote a book "The Start Up Game"

Tim Draper, the famous venture capitalist, endorses through TEC his farther's book:

"Dad wrote a book, and it is really good. Called “The Start Up Game,”

and it is about the partnership between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/bKUr7c

Tweet about it @WilliamHDraper

and put it on your blogs www.thestartupgamebook.com

Mercury News: http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_17079334

SF Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/01/15/BUM11H7VC0.DTL

Wall Street Journal:


Best, Tim"


[TEC Video] Mike Cassidy on Startup Strategy

Mike Cassidy :Best strategy is speed 4 companies

Mike Cassidy is a legendary Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur that has co-founded, served as CEO, and led 4 (four!) consumer Internet companies to market leadership and successful acquisitions (over $600m in total)

Check notes at Inna Efimchick web site : http://startupvoice.blogspot.com/2011/01/science-of-building-successful-startup.html

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GigaOM presents "Structure Big Data" (New York,NY)

A special TEC discount for GigaOM BigData conference in New York!

March 23, 2011 | New York, NY ,


Big Data Means Big Money

That "fire hose" of information pouring through your company's databases and systems? That data, whether real-time or historic, presents an enormous opportunity to gain business insights to maximize profits and improve products. Structure Big Data,GigaOM's newest conference, is focused on helping technology executives develop a big data strategy. Turn your company's information into your next big revenue opportunity.



  • Hadoop. What is Hadoop; what does it mean for the enterprise; and how does it power so many innovative solutions out there?
  • Real Time Data. How can you prepare yourself to drink from a fire hose of data?
  • MapReduce 101.Before you make MapReduce a core part of your data strategy, understand better what it is and what it can do.
  • Commodity Scaling.Can you scale your storage needs quickly and cheaply?
  • Security and Integrity. How do you know that petabyte of data you uploaded to the cloud is still there without downloading it again?
  • Data Consistency.You have data everywhere around the world. How do you make sure it’s always up-to-date and consistent?

In its charter year, we promise another landmark GigaOM conference with speakers representing the major technology companies as well as startups with significant new ideas in the storage, intelligence and discovery spaces. TEC members register today and save 25% off the Early Bird rate!


Founder & Investor: Funding a Cloud Management Company.


February 2, 2011 / Palo Alto CA


Please join us for our traditional “Founder & Investor” panel on February 2 in Palo Alto. We will meet a leading venture capitalist and a successful Russian-speaking co-founder of his portfolio company to learn the startup funding process described from two different viewpoints.

Our panel participants are:

  • Peter Bell, Partner, Highland Capital Partners
  • Yuri Rabover, Co-founder, VP Product Strategy, VMTurbo

Registration http://tec20110202.eventbrite.com/ (early birds discount, full refund "no question ask")

Register for Founder & Investor: The challenges and rewards of funding a virtualization management company. in Palo Alto, CA  on Eventbrite


Deep Dive : Silicon Valley Startup Seminars

A special 2-weeks long seminar for startup FOUNDERS ONLY on startup marketing, product management, sales, and VC financing.






Deep Dive is a 2-week long program held in Silicon Valley for a small selected group of Russia entrepreneurs (max 20 founders/CEOs). The program helps technology companies and investors extend their business operations: establish partnerships and connections, setup local presence and accelerate cross-border business development.

The program consists of seminars held by leading angel investors, prominent venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, marketing, product and business development experts, Stanford University professors, representatives of Fortune500 companies, US lawyers, and other experts in creating high technology ventures, developing business plans, structuring deals, and transferring intellectual property. We cover topics of entrepreneurship, team and culture, company valuation, capital structure, product management, marketing, and sales. The program includes networking events and company case studies, pitches, and presentations conducted.


List of Speakers and Coaches

Venture Summit Silicon Valley 2010

Dear TEC members, We are proud to announce that TEC (The Entrepreneurs’ Club) is an Affiliate Partner for AlwaysOn’s Venture Summit Silicon Valley. Venture Summit Silicon Valley is a two-day gathering that highlights the significant economic, political, and technology trends impacting the global growth investor. The Venture Summit features the most influential institutional investors, venture capitalists, corporate buyers, investment bankers, and research analysts in keynote presentations and panel debates. The Venture Summit will also host 14 Best of Breed CEO Showcases handpicked from the AlwaysOn annual top 100 private company list and 36 other qualified six-minute CEO pitches from companies seeking later-stage capital or potential acquirers.AlwaysOn is offering TEC (The Entrepreneurs’ Club) members a $1000 Discount to Venture Summit Silicon ValleyClick here to buy your ticket with TEC-only $1000 discounthttp://www.aonetwork.com/cart/add/p66480?destination=cart

TEC : Founding & Funding - Entrepreneur & Investor Perspectives


Palo Alto, CA


December 2, 2010 , 6:30pm


An open discussion between startup founder and venture capitalist who chose to invest:

Venture funding is one of many ways available to an entrepreneur to finance a growing company. Once the entrepreneur has turned heads in the venture community, selecting the right VC is as important as having the right idea at the right time. Selecting the right VC can be the turning point that shapes a startup's future success.

At the same time, before the "VC hunt", it is very important to understand the process of how venture capitalists choose or screen their investments, what they are looking for, and how they think. What does it mean for them "the attractiveness of the opportunity"? How is the market size, the strategy, the technology, customer adoption, competition, the management team, and the deal terms are considered. How do VCs valuate their risks?

All these questions and more will be discussed in an interview with Vivek Mehra, Partner, August Capital and Alexander Miroshnichenko, a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CTO, Virsto .


http://tec20101202.eventbrite.com/ - Early bird discount ends Nov 28. Full refund

TEC-NewYork : The art of deal making - how to get win-win with VC


New York


November 17,2010 , 6:30pm


We’re continuing “From Idea to Market” sequence.

On our previous panels we touched how to get money for idea that only you can see and how to make money regardless of market conditions. On our coming meeting we’ll be discussing tips and tricks of deal making with VC.

As before, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with panelists and with each other.

REGISTRATION: FREE, please register at



TEC-Moscow : Startup CEO and Founders Networking Event with Esther Dyson


Moscow, Russia


November 25, 2010, 19:00-22:00


Startup CEO and Founders Networking Event with Esther Dyson.

Topic “Attracting and Retaining Board Members, Advisors, and Team”

By invitations only! Please email to Vera Shokina at vera@runacap.com if you are interested to attend.


What They Say About Us

"The wonderful thing about entrepreneurs is that their passion for starting new companies transcends languages and geographic boundaries."

Ron Conway, Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds, early stage investor in Google and PayPal

"Networking is very important for start-ups. The challenge for them is often not money: it is mentoring and finding people who can give good advice from experience."

Esther Dyson, Founder, EDventure Holdings

"This conference is clearly a labor of love for a group of dedicated professionals who care deeply about the Eastern European entrepreneurs. From the value-packed educational panels, to the star-studded key note speakers' line up, to an amazing quantity of venture capitalists – this is a not to be missed event for any high tech entrepreneur,"

Richard Guha, President of the Marketing Executives Network and Managing Partner at MaxBrandEquity

"As Stanford MBA students, we were exposed to a lot of VC firms both from the Valley and abroad. It is at Stanford that we met Anna Dvornikova, an absolutely amazing business leader and (by our big luck) our friend, who was the center of the Russian Silicon Valley professional community, and was doing a huge work to connect Russia and the Valley. Anna helped us a lot with kick-starting Wikimart, put us to our first-ever conference, introduced us to most of Russian VCs. And all that happened in a very short time span! It was the beginning of a six-month journey that despite the particularly tough times resulted in an extraordinarily group of investors backing our start-up."

Maxim Faldin and Kamil Kurmakayev,
co-CEOs, Wikimart