CoolTech & SiliconFrench welcome FranceTelecom/Orange delegation


Tuesday, October 5,2010 at 6:00pm in Palo Alto


CoolTech Club and SiliconFrench are welcoming delegation of FranceTelecom executives and winning teams of the “Orange ITN Awards” , which are coming from eight European countries for a one week mission.

Please join us for exclusive networking evening with executives and leading technology experts from major European and Silicon Valley telecom companies.

Fine French food is provided ;-)

CoolTech Club with Steve Jurvetson - Video Recording & Presentation

CoolTech Club with Steve Jurvetson , Sep 9, 2010

Emerging Technology Markets: From Green IT to Energy and Nanotech

CoolTech Club with Steve Jurvetson - Emerging Technology Markets: From Green IT to Energy and Nanotech


Thursday, September 9,2010 5:30pm in Palo Alto


Please join us for the next CoolTechClub event with legendary Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson - an innovator who is focused on the idea of clean tech investing.  We are honored to have Steve give a keynote address on Emerging Technology Markets: From Green IT to Energy and Nanotech followed by the Q&A session.

"If you want to know where nanotech investing is headed, look no further than Jurvetson. His voice has carried through industry conferences, television appearances and university labs. And he's not just talk: he was one of the first non-corporate investors to invest in the sector... With a wide net and a sea of followers, Jurvetson's evangelic drive into nanotech is risky for both him and DFJ... If he's right and nanotech will fuel the next wave of innovation, he may be crowned the patron saint of tiny technology." - VC Journal Cover Story, 02/02

"There aren't many investors as sharp, quick or multi-disciplinary as Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson." - Forbes/Wolfe Emerging Tech Report, February 2009

CoolTech Club VC panel : Pros and cons of Skolkovo project: Panel Discussion with Mark Iwanowski,Eric Buatois and John China


August 19,2010


A very constructive discussion on what needs to be done to achieve the success of Skolkovo Project as well as what is definitely not going to work. We have three great panelists for this discussion: Mark Iwanowski, Partner, Trident Capital,Eric Buatois, Managing Director,Sofinnova Ventures and John China, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank, who were with us on a VC Trip to Russia in May ( Also Mark has just recently returned from a special meeting of the Presidential Committee on Modernization in Moscow chaired by President Medvedev. We invite you to participate in the discussion: your ideas and practical and productive suggestions are most welcome.

CoolTech Club VC panel : Russian-American High-Tech : A Fresh Viewpoint


June 9,2010


In May 2010, CoolTech Club executive team brought 20 managing partners from some of the leading Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley to Moscow, Russia, where they had an opportunity to learn more about Russian businesses and Russian technology companies and where they had been introduced to the Russian market as a destination for potential investment.

Our delegation had meetings with D. Medvedev ( President of Russian Federation) , A. Chubais ( CEO of RUSNANO), V.Vekselberg (Head of "Skolkovo" project), U. Milner ( Digital Sky Technology) and many more leaders of Russian investment and entrepreneurship communities.

This panel offers you an opportunity to meet group of leading VC who participate in this trip and learn their first impression about possibility to make business in/with Russia. In addition, we'll discuss what special role can be play by local Russian-speaking community.

CoolTech Club panel : Building Your First Start-up: Panel Discussion with Founders/CEOs


March 18,2010


Open discussion on technology, entrepreneurship and startup management with Max Skibinsky (Hive7) and  PJ Gupta (Noca).

CoolTech Club panel : Making Money on Social Media: Russia Compared to the US (LiveJournal & TrialPay CEOs panel)


February 3,2010


The discussion will touch on the following issues:

  • differences in revenue strategies and advertising for social media companies in Russia and the US
  • development of gaming and virtual goods,
  • mobile solutions for social media: Russia vs the US,
  • US stereotypes about Russia's business environment
  •  legal issues, and more.

CoolTech Club with Kevin Epstain : The 5 Big Marketing Mistakes Every Manager Makes (and How to Avoid Them)


April 16,2009


Every marketer makes mistakes. But when you have a limited budget and only a few chances to make your business a success, the goal is to avoid making too many mistakes.

In this brief, interactive, and somewhat cynical view of marketing, author Kevin Epstein presents a view of the “Big 5” mistakes every manager makes – and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Filled with real-world anecdotes from his time at Netscape, RealNetworks, VMware and other well-known Silicon Valley success stories, this presentation provides a humorous but practical set of tips for anyone who is exposed to marketing in their job.

CoolTech Club with Sergey Beloussov : Parallels and Continents: Building a High-Tech International Company


March 26,2009


An exclusive CoolTechClub/AmBAR event and a rare opportunity to hear one of the most successful "serial" entrepreneurs coming out of Russia -- Sergei Beloussov - delivering a candid discourse on a variety of subjects including current state of software development, virtualization, storage management, venture capital, education, "culture management" and the art of "using brains".

CoolTech Club: Bootstrapping in the Silicon Valley - Startups with no VC money


January 13,2009


Bootstrapping is a term used to cover different methods for avoiding using the financial resources of external investors. While bootstrapping involves a risk for the founders, the absence of any other stakeholder gives the founders more freedom to develop the company.

With looming financial crisis and total disarray of local Venture Capital, do startups have any sound alternative but just roll over and die quietly?

How about good old , but somehow forgotten, "bootstrapping" strategy ? Thomas Edison , Alexander Bell and Michael Dell didn't spend to much time waiting for "Sand Hill Road" to get up to speed, aren't they? Is it still possible to build successful companies without VC backing in our times?

CoolTech Club presents a panel of three distinguished Club members who have personal experience of building successful Silicon Valley companies with "no VCs money down". They gracefully agreed to share with us their stories, strategies, advantages and pitfalls of bootstrapping, and so on.


What They Say About Us

"The wonderful thing about entrepreneurs is that their passion for starting new companies transcends languages and geographic boundaries."

Ron Conway, Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds, early stage investor in Google and PayPal

"Networking is very important for start-ups. The challenge for them is often not money: it is mentoring and finding people who can give good advice from experience."

Esther Dyson, Founder, EDventure Holdings

"This conference is clearly a labor of love for a group of dedicated professionals who care deeply about the Eastern European entrepreneurs. From the value-packed educational panels, to the star-studded key note speakers' line up, to an amazing quantity of venture capitalists – this is a not to be missed event for any high tech entrepreneur,"

Richard Guha, President of the Marketing Executives Network and Managing Partner at MaxBrandEquity

"As Stanford MBA students, we were exposed to a lot of VC firms both from the Valley and abroad. It is at Stanford that we met Anna Dvornikova, an absolutely amazing business leader and (by our big luck) our friend, who was the center of the Russian Silicon Valley professional community, and was doing a huge work to connect Russia and the Valley. Anna helped us a lot with kick-starting Wikimart, put us to our first-ever conference, introduced us to most of Russian VCs. And all that happened in a very short time span! It was the beginning of a six-month journey that despite the particularly tough times resulted in an extraordinarily group of investors backing our start-up."

Maxim Faldin and Kamil Kurmakayev,
co-CEOs, Wikimart